1. Have your work proofread by someone else. We are often blind to our own errors. The more eyes that look over your work, the less likely there will be grammatical/spelling errors.
  2. Have your work edited.
  3. Price you book accordingly. Remember, you are unknown to readers. Your goal is to become known so they will buy more books in the future. Readers are more likely to purchase a book listed at $ 0.99 rather than $ 2.99 from an unknown author.
  4. Publicize. Nobody is going to find, let alone buy your book if people don’t know it is available. See #6 for links to websites where you can list your book.
  5. Reviews. Unfortunately, reviews are necessary in this industry.
  6. Take hints from other authors. You can find numerous links to articles (in English) at:
  7. Hire a formatter. We DO NOT do formatting.